FY/c provides personalized cloud provider research and advice based on customer quality of experience. Our approach tells you what you can expect from cloud providers and helps you make the best decisions for your firm.

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Actionable reports include analysis and customer quality of experience guidelines for 1,260 SaaS, PaaS and IaaS providers and over 57 markets.

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Top cloud markets: CRM, App Management and Virtual Data Center


Personalized buying advice tailored to your unique quality of experience requirements. Based on profiles from 445,371 people just like you.

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Our experts can help you identify your cloud quality of experience requirements and evaluate your cloud provider service delivery.

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Clarizen Project Management SaaS


“An outstanding Experience”
Clarizen delivers an outstanding experience that is markedly beyond average performance and requirements.
- Jul 25, 2014

CareCloud Healthcare SaaS


“A borderline excellent Experience”
CareCloud delivers a borderline excellent experience, exceeding average performance and going well beyond the basics.
- Jul 25, 2014

SendGrid Messaging SaaS


“An excellent Experience”
SendGrid delivers an excellent experience that far exceeds average performance and goes significantly beyond the basics.
- Jul 25, 2014

Kaseya Operations Management SaaS


“A very good Experience”
Kaseya delivers a very good experience that meets or exceeds your performance expectations.
- Jul 25, 2014

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Diagnostic Audits: Not Likes Favorites and Re-Tweets
June 29, 2014 • Cloudburst article by FY/c

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