See into the Minds of Your Prospects

Learn How Prospects Think, Why, and What it takes to Influence Them

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See how you compare to your competition

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See why prospects choose your competitors

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See what you can do right now to improve

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We all know that 97% of prospects research online before buying

Source: BIA/Kelsey

Your prospects take your online positioning seriously. Virtual Prospect shows you:

  How prospects perceive your service and your competitors
  Why prospects think as they do about you and your competitors
  What you need to do to attract and retain more customers


Powerful Tools Help You Succeed

Actionable SaaS Market Intelligence


Virtual Prospect

See how you appear to prospects. Understand how prospects perceive your online presence. See how prospects compare services to one another. Track prospect perception over time and spot market trends.


Competitive Intelligence

Spot opportunities for competitive advantage and maximize your marketing performance with our easy-to-follow recommendations and accurate metrics all designed to help you get and keep more customers.


Personalized Recommendations

Get instant analysis of what to brag about and what to fix. Make the right marketing investments at the right place and the right time to yield an ROI. Optimize your Web application market perception and value with customized step-by-step instructions.